Leased Line

Provider of IT and Communication solutions for your business.

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Leased Lines

PCL – Provider of IT and Communication solutions for your business.

PCL have a comprehensive range of leased line services to meet most budget and bandwidth requirements.

What is a Leased line?

A leased line is a private dedicated internet access service to carry voice, data or both, offering capability well beyond FTTC broadband services. Unlike a traditional internet service, a leased line is completely uncontended with consistent bandwidth delivery, both downstream and upstream. A leased line in the true sense is a dedicated internet access service delivered by fibre optics directly to your premises. Leased lines are fully supported by PCL’s support team and a service level agreement (SLA). We can also offer GEA and EFM services which can offer uncontended bandwidth, but offer slower speeds that are delivered over copper cabling.

Why a Leased line?

Leased lines are the best option for businesses that require high-speed, uncontended bandwidth and where internet access is a critical service. With a leased line your business could have access to uncontended services with speeds of up to 10Gb. With resiliency options such as backup services and adverse routing, you can be sure that your business has the best internet access available.

  • Higher speeds of up to 10Gb
  • Leased lines offer the same speed both downstream and upstream
  • Backbone network is monitored for things like jitter and latency
  • Leased line services offer SLA’s
  • Completely uncontended bandwidth
  • Truly unlimited usage