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Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), sometimes known as Fibre Broadband or Infinity, is the fastest internet speeds that a telephone line can support. FTTC means that a fibre cable is run from the Exchange to the cabinet, meaning that only the cable from the cabinet to your premises is delivered by copper cabling. Having a short copper cable run means less deterioration of the signal over distance, giving a faster speed.


FTTC is a great option for smaller businesses, giving a faster and more cost effective internet service than ADSL. Giving downstream speeds of up to 80Mb. FTTC is also a great option for small remote offices or as a backup service to a Leased Line. PCL offer a range of Fibre Broadband packages to suit your requirements.

Benefits of FTTC?

FTTC offer some great benefits over a traditional ADSL service.

  • A more cost effective solution than a traditional leased line
  • Faster download and upload speeds, up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload
  • Higher quality voice and video calls over the internet

What FTTC services can PCL provide?

PCL Technology offer great prices on traditional FTTC services, but there are a few variations of FTTC that may suit your business better. We can also provide GEA and Converged FTTC services.

GEA (Generic Ethernet Access) – GEA is an entry level form of Ethernet connectivity that uses fibre optics to the cabinet and then copper from the cabinet to the premise. The main difference is you have a dedicated bandwidth. For more info, see our GEA page

Converged FTTC – A converged FTTC service is essentially the same as a normal FTTC servicer, however VoIP traffic is prioritised, making it a better option if you use VoIP/SIP services. If you are interested in our Converged FTTC please visit our converged FTTC page.

We also offer great deals on ADSL, Leased Lines, EFM and GEA services.