Provider of IT and Communication solutions for your business.


IT and Communication solutions for your business

Why choose us?

Why PCL? Quite simply we believe we provide the best cost effective service to our customers. We always put our customers’ needs first, always trying to find best solution available with the client’s budget and needs in mind.

We recognise that if you speak with other IT and Communication providers they are offering similar products and services. We aim to be more than just a supplier, we want our customers to feel confident and comfortable in working with us and in turn we aim for you to get the most out of your solution.  PCL don’t just work to meet expectations; we work to exceed them.


We provide our staff with the best technology to work with. We ensure our technology and tools are the best, to maximise our results and minimise disruption to the client. Our staff use this technology to its maximum, with our commitment to accreditations, training and certification.