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Cloud Emails

In the “Cloud” is a buzz word that has been around for years.

It is only in the last few years it has become an affordable option for small businesses. Cloud email is no different, many businesses are now deciding to make the transition to cloud email. For many businesses, cloud email makes perfect sense. Cloud email can provide cost savings, higher security or better email access against an onsite email server solution.

Cloud email can offer significant cost savings for your business. Having an onsite email server can be expensive. You will first need the server grade hardware, then the Microsoft Exchange licence then the associated security packages needed. Then this will only have an expected lifespan of maybe 5 years and you would have to go through the same costs again.

With a cloud based email service, you are billed monthly for the number of mailboxes you need, allow you to easily scale up or down. This also means the version of Exchange Server running on the cloud solution is always the most up to date, so you always have the most recent security updates and features.

Cloud email services are run on advanced hardware allowing greater security and hardware redundancies that any small business could afford. The data centres used for the cloud email have global redundancy options, offering failover to servers in the same and/or different regions. So even the smallest business can have to peace of mind that they will have 99.9% availably of their email services.