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Managed Security for Essex, Kent and London

PCL offer business grade, managed security services for SMEs.

Taking a layered approach, we combine the best security technologies to help protect your business from a cyber-attack.

Ransomware and other cyber threats have grown massively in recent years, both in number and complexity. A worrying number of UK businesses get hit with these type of cyber-attacks, it isn’t just the big companies that get targeted!

Most recently in the news you may have seen organisations such as the NHS being hit with a strain of ransomeware called WannaCry or WanaCryt0r. In total it is estimated WannaCry infected 200,000 computers worldwide. The estimated cost to business of all is in the hundreds of millions, estimated costing the average business anyway from £3000 to £40000 depending on size of business. These costs don’t even include the associated indirect costs!

Ransomware works by encrypting all of your business data on your desktops, laptops and servers, make the data inaccessible! The creates of the ransomware then demand a large fee to decrypt the data. Even if you pay the ransom it is hit and miss whether the data is actually decrypted. Not only that but by paying the ransom, you are funding them to create an even more sophisticated ransomware!

PCL can help by tailoring a Managed security solution to your business requirements. PCL realise that the fight against cyber-attacks is not just down to the protection you have in place; it is also down to education. This is why we can also provide guidance for staff to help avoid accidental download of installation of ransomware, malware and viruses.