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PCL – Provider of IT and Communication solutions for your business.

PCL have a range of competitively priced GEA services available. If you want a low cost uncontended, resilient internet service, a GEA could be what you are looking for. Typically cheaper than a leased line, but you still have the peace of mind of a SLA.

What is GEA?

GEA, or Generic Ethernet Access, is a low cost alternative to a leased line. A GEA service is similar to an EFM, but delivered to the cabinet via fibre optics in the same way as FTTC. Generally, if GEA is available, you would choose this over EFM as it is usually cheaper, gives similar benefits and utilises newer technology. GEA is perfect for businesses that require a dedicated, uncontended internet service, but don’t have the budget for a leased line.

Why GEA?

GEA is a similar alternate to EFM, but works on FTTC instead. If you don’t need the bandwidth available with a leased line but you need a dedicated internet service, then GEA is probably a sensible option.

  • GEA is available to approx. 86% of UK
  • Typically cheaper than EFM and Leased lines
  • Speeds of up to 20Mb
  • GEA comes with an SLA